Tuesday, August 9, 2011

32 colours!

Today I started rewriting Mike's video code. As a test, I disabled FLASH and used bit 7 of the attribute byte to make a 2-bit BRIGHT: 4 different brightness levels of 7 different colours plus 4 identical shades of black... So technically 29 colours.

Obviously I made the non-bright, non-flash colour level a little too dark, but as a test it sufficed admirably.

Yesterday out of interest I ran a number of test suites with interesting results. ULAtest3 completely crashed - reset the machine. Fusetest did a few tests and then crashed. Z80test failed on all MEMPTR tests and most of the register tests involving the R flag. Taking another look at Mike's VHDL I noticed he's using the T80se core - and it states that it doesn't match true Z80 timings. It's also an older version. I'll download the latest version of the normal T80 core and see if I can replace it.

Finally, here's a picture of Aquaplane showing the broken border effect due to issues with the T80se core having different timings and the lack of bus contention. 

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